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Fresh Thyme Farmers Market – A Review

Fresh Thyme Canva 1

By Cynthia Hill, NTP

Like family and friends, I eagerly awaited the opening of the Kenosha Fresh Thyme Farmers Market grocery store.  With no Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods close by, a store providing  healthier options is definitely  a welcome addition to our area.

Once past the cute farm scene façade, I grab a shopping cart and make my way into the store.  I immediately find myself in the bakery department.  An admirable selection of packaged organic sprouted whole grains & gluten-free items grab my attention. I find most of the in store  fresh-baked & prepackaged goods contain the usual concoction of preservatives and/or inferior vegetable oils.


Next up is the salad bar, olive bar and a selection of  prepared convenience foods; heat & eat Meals on the Go. Rotisserie chickens, soups, pasta dishes, potato salads, and grilled chicken breasts to name a few.  I had high hopes for the well stocked salad bar, but to my dismay not even the salad mix is organic.  I could not find a single bottle of salad dressing here or throughout the store that is made with healthy oils. The prepared foods (including soups) contain the same ubiquitous soybean and canola oils which I know are just about impossible to avoid in any commercial food, but hey  a girl can dream can’t she?  The rotisserie chickens like the prepared foods are conventional not organic.

Suggestion:  An all organic salad bar with  some heart healthy  salad oil dressings. Stocking  Tessamae’s and Primal Kitchen salad dressings/mayonnaise would be a welcome choice!
Some of the Fresh Thyme Kitchen Meals on the Go.

A generous selection of self serve bulk bins containing grains, nuts, coffee and candy with a few organic options anchors the middle of the store.  Hard to miss are the intriguing large stainless steel tanks with tap your own olive oil, canola oil (ugh!), vinegar, honey (local, but unprocessed?), maple syrup & agave syrup (ugh!).  Little information about origin or processing methods is displayed.

Next up is the fresh/frozen seafood & meat departments.  Fresh seafood  is both farm raised and wild caught with country of origin labeling. No wild caught salmon selections.   Fresh beef cuts appeared to be all conventional with one grass-fed option.  Poultry had a good selection of organic but no pasture raised and an all natural chicken option (whatever that means?).

Fresh seafood – farm raised & wild caught.
All conventional choices.
A good selection of wild caught frozen fish.
One fresh (previously frozen)  grass-fed beef option (does not specify if it 100% grass fed).
A variety of organic chicken (no pastured options)  and all natural chicken (can still be factory farmed).
A better selection of frozen grass-fed options but more expensive than my local source.
A variety  of specialty and frozen wild meats next to the frozen processed foods  – interesting  they are promoting the meat as  gluten-free – I didn’t know meat ever had gluten in it…
I liked the several options for duck including ground which I have never seen before and good prices.
Let’s talk bacon – a good selection of no nitrate bacon, but no pastured options.

The Produce Department – now this makes me smile!!!

A large assortment of Organic fruits and vegetables mostly sourced from the USA

Juice Bar!

The raw juice bar has an inviting assortment of juice/juice blends to choose from. Disappointingly not organic with the exception of carrot juice.  If you have all this great organic produce, why not use it in the juicing???

I made my way to the Dairy cases next…

Quite a few organic and grass-fed yogurt options including Traders Point Creamery, Kalona & Maple Hill.
Obviously they haven’t received the message that butter is good! There were very few butter  choices with only one organic – Kerry Gold Grass Fed – Please! Also lacking are organic and raw cheese choices – did I miss them altogether?
Milk is also very limited, with only one option that was grass-fed/non homogenized.  Everything else (including cream) is ultra-pasteurized.
Eggs – one pasture raised option – good but more would be better!
The fermented foods case is a let down.  While there is a good selection of probiotic beverages (GT’s kombucha was 2 for $4!) Bubbie’s sauerkraut & pickles is it for fermented foods.  Again with the Gluten free?!

The processed/packaged food aisles and frozen foods are stocked well with the usual brands finding a few really good choices here & there.  Fresh Thyme Broth – not so much…

One of the very few Organic Fresh Thyme private label products – The ingredients are  downright scary in this broth! (Canola, soybeans, wheat, sugar, flour…)
WOW!  Nick’s Sticks – yay!

On to the spirits…

Generous selection of wine with a couple of organic & sulfite free choices.  Craft & local beers in addition to hard ciders too.

Finally, I enter the home stretch – vitamins/supplements, personal care, paper goods,  cleaning products & pet food (A variety of grain free pet food but no fresh/frozen options that I could see). Again, the usual products lines with a few really good choices here and there.

Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein, Tera’s Whey and another grass-fed whey option!
Carlson Fish Oil
A dizzying array of probiotics & omega oils
A typical display of personal care & beauty products
Some great book titles – if only Fresh Thyme & other grocery stores would incorporate some of the food concepts these books recommend!

Fresh Thyme Farmers Market is part Traders Joe’s, part Whole Foods, and part health food store.  They are strongest in organic produce, their (limited) grass-fed meat options, yogurt & eggs.  Also positive are the local choices throughout the store, although they tend to be conventional.  From a nutritional standpoint, the weakest areas lie in the bakery, convenience meals, packaged/processed food/products and dairy (lack of good choices with the exception of yogurt). For the most part they are not organic, contain unhealthy oils and preservatives/ingredients and/or are overly processed.

Overall, I find the prices average with some great sale prices.

While Fresh Thyme is certainly not alone, a particular grievance of mine is deceptive advertising.  Fresh Thyme has a lot of products that carry their brand name but for the most part are not organic and do not always contain acceptable ingredients.  Their weekly sales ads overuse of the word “natural” is particularly annoying as “natural” can mean anything and nothing!  Consumers can be mislead by the use of such words and pastoral images of barns, tractors and animals.  Looking past these images and reading the ingredients label is one of the most positive proactive steps we can take in improving our awareness and making wiser food choices.  We  should also speak with our $$ and educate the grocery stores as to  what we want and do not want in our food!

I will definitely visit Fresh Thyme Farmers Market again.  The Kenosha location  provides our community with some much-needed exposure to better food & environmental choices. I am optimistic that Fresh Thyme will continue to grow in a direction of healthier and more local sustainable options with our support.

Fresh Thyme Farmers  Market is located at 7100 Green Bay Road, Kenosha, WI  53142





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