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Top Five Reasons to Detox



By Cynthia Hill, NTP

Have you ever thought about doing a detox or cleanse?  Have you ever wondered if you really need to do a detox and if you did, would you benefit from it?  Here are our top five reasons to consider a detox cleanse:

  1. Improve quality of life.  Our bodies do not function well when they are loaded with toxins.  We may experience headaches, lack of energy, joint pain, brain fog, digestive issues, allergies and are just not feeling our best.   These are all symptoms of a toxic body.  A detoxification cleanse can reduce your toxic overload quickly and help alleviate these symptoms.
  2. Lose weight.  The body stores toxins (substances it does not recognize) in adipose tissue.  Detoxing correctly releases and eliminates toxins stored in fat cells and boosts your metabolism by restoring balance to the body.
  3. Slow premature aging.  Detoxing can help rid the body of heavy metals and free radicals which contribute to the aging process.  Enhanced digestion, nutrient, vitamin and antioxidant absorption help fight oxidative stress.
  4. Strengthen the immune system.  An immune system that isn’t functioning properly makes us susceptible to colds and the flu.  Detoxing strengthens immune function which enhances our ability to fight off infections.
  5. Prevent chronic disease. Our bodies own detoxification function is overburdened from environmental toxins which are linked to many diseases.  A detoxification cleanse assists and improves what our overloaded system is naturally designed to do.

We are exposed to toxins (chemicals, pollution, pesticides, medications, etc…) day in day out 24/7.  Our overwhelmed and exhausted systems will benefit from a proper detoxification program that optimizes digestion, reduces inflammation, balances blood sugar and supports the organs of elimination giving your body a chance to heal and thrive!

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